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Natur Sitzsack für Kinder chill buddy

naturally chill and play,
with the chill buddy

The ergonomic shape and the natural materials of the chill buddy bean bag for youngsters provide ultimate comfort. The kids and teens love their chill buddy while playing, reading or just relaxing.

Elky ChillBuddy with Kids 2023-10-04_398

chill buddy,
the natural sack

The relaxing natural bean bag from elky is the cool companion for children and young people for any situation and any mood.





cool & chilly

What the chill buddy can:

The chill buddy is a special natural bean bag that combines quality, nature, comfort and personality.

100% natural

Made from natural latex flakes and high-quality cotton, linen or loden fabrics to provide a cozy seating experience.


Carefully handcrafted in the elky manufactury.

high quality and


Due to its high weight, it does not slip on the floor.

> 600 color variations

chill buddy der coole Natur Sitzsack

Available in more than 600 colors - no wishes remain unfulfilled.

diverse design

Embroidered with different motifs, images and lettering.


Can be embroidered with your own motif and/or lettering/name upon request.

Make it your's!

Your distinctive chill buddy!
Whatever your style!
Natursitzsack für Kinder
chill buddy Sitzsack


The world is colorful, and so should yours chill buddy be. Choose from our wide range of colors

choose your color

maßgeschneiderter Sitzsack
personalisierter Sitzsack


Whether cute animals, cool superheroes or abstract art - choose a motif that reflects your personality. 

choose your motif

Sitzsack mit Motiv
chilliger und cooler Sitzsack
Sitzsack für Kinder
Naturmaterialien Sitzsack


Would you like an inspirational message or a personal quote on your chill buddy? No problem! 

choose your motto

personalisierter natürlicher Sitzsack
chill buddy der Sitzsack


Sign the chill buddy with your name or give the chill buddy an own name!

have your name embroidered

hochwertiger qualitativer Sitzsack
Sitzsack für Jugendliche
Sitzsack für Kinder
Cooler Sitzsack für Kinder


Design yours chill buddy by your individual preferences or let yourself be inspired by our motifs.

Natursitzsack maßgeschneidert

Your chill buddy:
Carefully handcrafted from natural materials. 
In the elky manufactury in Austria.

Naturmaterialien Sitzsack

& comfy chilly

  • Made from carefully selected natural materials

  • Pure ​natural fillings for high comfort

  • 100% natural latex flakes

  • Individual production by hand

  • Tailor-made for special requests

  • Diverse color variations

  • Custom made possible

Sitzsack Manufaktur
Chill buddy der coole Natursitzsack

The chill buddy
is more than just a natural bean bag, it is a piece of furniture that enhances any ambience:

  • Children room & Playroom

  • Terrace & Garden

  • Living area

  • Children's playgrounds

  • Pediatric practices

& anywhere where a chilled and special atmosphere needs to be created.

Order your personalized 
chill buddy today!

​​Your very personal
chill buddy

A personalized chill buddy is not just a bean bag, but an expression of your uniqueness.


It offers incomparable comfort with a very personal touch.

personalisierte Sitzsäcke
elky chill buddy Sitzsack

Join the chill buddy 

The chill buddy is not just a bean bag. He is a friend for life!

Kindersitzsack personalisiert

I love my
chill buddy

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